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Augmented reality & QR code 

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows virtual elements to be superimposed on the real world. When used in products, AR can deliver incredible user experiences.

Unique experience.

Brand-customer interaction

Customize your QR code. 

Create an immersion of your product.

Link to websites or promotional content.

Innovative communication

Leave your customer delighted with the potential of this tool!

Be everywhere 

Once connected to your product, QRA goes anywhere with it. 

Augmented Reality Applications



AR can be used as a marketing strategy, making advertising campaigns more interactive and attractive.



AR can also be used for medical simulations where precision and realism are required.



AR can be used in classrooms to make teaching more dynamic and fun, allowing for more visual and immersive interactions.



AR has been widely used in the fashion industry to allow viewing "wearing" clothes virtually.

Advantages of Augmented Reality for Products

User Experience

AR provides a more complete experience for the user, making interaction with the product more engaging and interesting.


The use of AR helps to differentiate products from their competitors, generating greater added value.

Greater Engagement

Users tend to dedicate more time and have greater engagement with products that use AR, generating a greater return on investment.

New opportunities

With AR, new opportunities for developing and producing products that meet user needs can emerge.

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