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Admirando quadros em museu

Virtual Tour for Museums and Galleries

Discover how you can showcase museums from around the world. Through an immersive virtual tour, you can display works of art from your museum or gallery and tell the story behind them.

How it works 

Virtual tours of museums and galleries allow the public to browse exhibitions using their computer or mobile device. Explore rooms, zoom in on details and get information about the works through interactive resources and audio guides.

Tour in a Museum

Advantages of the Virtual Tour for Museums

Explore Museums on your own time

With a virtual tour, the public can pause, rewind and spend as much time as they wish in each work or exhibition.

Expand your Knowledge


Receive detailed information about the works and the history behind them, enriching your experience.

Unlimited Access

The public can visit as many museums as they want, without worrying about tickets, queues or opening times.

Viewable on any device

The tour is visible on any device and can be shared via social networks, emails, WhatsApp or QR code. 

 An immersive virtual tour with breathtaking quality. Compatible with all media that will give the user the feeling of physically being in the scene.

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