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Tour Stores and retail

Discover how a virtual tour can transform your customers' shopping experience. Through immersive and interactive images, you can showcase your products in a unique way and even sell directly through the virtual tour.


Benefits of a Virtual Retail Tour





A virtual tour provides an immersive experience:

Virtual reality

It allows customers to view the products of a store or market virtually as if they were physically there. 

Detailed Exploration

Customers can explore products in detail, with 360° zoom and rotation, providing a complete view.

Store open 24/7

 The tour can be accessed at any time of the day,   allowing customers to explore your online store at   any time.

Reduction of returns

A Detailed product visualization helps customerscustomers to make more assertive choices, reducing returns.

Tour in a Store 

How does the Virtual Tour Work?



Schedule a technical visit

We meet in person to understand your company and its goals, schedule the scanning session and activities.

3D Capture and Redesign

We capture the space in 3D and, if desired, we can modify it to the desired format and/or design.


Virtual Tour Production

We work together with your company to create a completely personalized virtual tour, highlighting your strengths and main differentiators.

Virtual Tour Optimizes the user experience


Fast Charging

Optimize images and videos for fast loading and a smooth experience.


Intuitive Navigation

Ensure customers can easily move between sections and explore products intuitively.


Highlight the Details

Allow customers to zoom in and view product details with ease.



Add interactive features like product descriptions and direct purchase links.

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